FlexNow with 100% SheaFlex is unlike anything you have experienced.

Not a building block, Not a cox-inhibitor, Not a lubricant. A breakthrough in joint care and relief that allows you to move freely, again. FlexNow® with 100% SheaFlex70™ is unlike anything you have experienced for joint care – it’s new and it’s clinically proven to work.

FlexNow® with 100% SheaFlex70™ is a patented, single ingredient, all natural, highly concentrated and standardized extract of the shea nut, called shea triterpenes, clinically proven to impact all four of the areas required to realize healthy joint function:

Reduce Inflammation: Reduces inflammation by 9X
Retain Cartilage: Improves cartilage retention by 44%
Regulate Bone tissue development: Reduces bone destruction by 10%
Manage Pain: Alleviates pain by 45%

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