Wild-crafted, harvested and processed in concert with the UN Development Programme.

The shea nuts (actually the pit of the shea fruit) used in the manufacture of FlexNow® with 100% SheaFlex70™ are wild-crafted/harvested and processed in concert with the UN Development Programme.

Wild-crafted plants are carefully gathered from their natural, wild habitat, where they have not been sprayed with pesticides or fertilized with synthetic fertilizers. Wild-crafting is a sustainable agricultural process that respects the living plant. Only the shea fruit is taken during harvest; the tree is left unharmed.

Shea trees grow wild in West Africa, where all of our shea nuts are grown. Local villagers collect ripe shea fruit which has fallen to the ground, process a portion for local use and sell the bulk of the shea nuts to our company, food companies and skin care companies.

The UN Development Programme has established education and training programs to support the commercialization and management of the wild-craft farming, harvesting, processing and sale of shea fruit and shea nuts. In particular, the Programme has helped tens of thousands of villagers, particularly West African women, to become independent and improve their economic position.

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