Danish Secret for Pain Relief Gets a Leg Up in the US.

Study shows FlexNow results equal analgesics with no side effects

(Egg Harbor Twp., New Jersey) The United States has over 45 million arthritis sufferers, a chronic disease that causes not only pain and suffering, but loss of productivity and mobility as well. A Danish natural medicine, FlexNow, addresses this degenerative disease in a unique and comprehensive manner.

Arthritic joints have 3 major areas of dysfunction: chronic inflammation, collagen and bone destruction, and loss of proper capillary circulation to the joint matrix. Until now, natural medicines addressed each area as a single facet, ignoring the interconnectivity of this multifaceted problem.

“It is like pouring water into a bucket to keep it full instead of also addressing holes in the bucket or excessive evaporation. You may be able to have some water in the bucket, but unless the other problems are also repaired, your solution will not work in the long run. Your bucket will run dry. That is probably why research on these other joint care options have yielded very mixed results,” said Tony Jorgensen, Chief Science Officer at BSP Pharma.

Over 30 scientific and clinical studies on the key active in FlexNow (SheaFlex 70) have proven that this unique compound has significant impact in all 3 areas—a first for natural medicines. This integrated joint care approach not only reduces pain and suffering, it helps the body to repair itself and promotes healing. Because of these studies, FlexNow was one of only 7 new products allowed into the US by the FDA in 2004 and designated a new dietary ingredient.

All natural FlexNow is a unique and patented extract from the shea nut, which, despite its name, is not a nut at all but the pit of a ripened fruit. Shea nuts are sustainably harvested in West Africa as part of the United Nations Development Programme. Long a component in Traditional African Medicines, recent scientific discoveries have allowed Danish pharmaceutical company AAK to develop methods to greatly intensify the effects of this natural ingredient, magnifying its efficacy in reducing inflammation, forestalling cartilage and bone destruction, and enhancing circulatory flow of needed nutrients to the joint matrix.

Recent studies have shown that FlexNow reduces certain markers of inflammation (called “cytokines”) by over 30%. In human inflammation studies, pain relief was almost 50% better than placebo, and C-reactive protein (CRP) an important laboratory marker of systemic inflammation, fell by over 20%. Reduction in markers of collagen and bone destruction in participants with abnormally high levels fell by over 70% and 38% respectively.

In pharmacologic animal studies, FlexNow performed on par with ibuprofen with zero negative impact on stomach lining or gastrointestinal functioning. Since FlexNow is not a specific COX-1 or COX-2 inhibitor, it can be safely used by individuals with heart, blood pressure, kidney function or GI concerns.

More information on FlexNow can be found at: www.PowerofShea.com.

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