Shea Triterpenes proven better than aspirin and glucosamine.

(Egg Harbor Twp., New Jersey) Newly published scientific evidence confirms the effectiveness of shea triterpenes against inflammation and pain, commonly associated with over-exertion and osteo-arthritis.

Conducted at Aalborg University in Denmark by investigators Drs. L. Arendt-Nielsen, A. Rosetzsky and M. Sloth Weidner, the study was recently published in the Journal of Musculoskeletal Pain. Study participants taking a highly concentrated extract of shea nut oil, called shea triterpenes, experienced significantly less exercise-induced muscle tenderness against a placebo group.

“This is another exciting development for shea triterpenes,” said Richard D. Johnson, President and CEO of BSP Pharma, makers of the shea triterpene-based supplement. “This clinical trial adds to a substantial body of scientific evidence to support the pain-reducing, inflammation-controlling and cartilage-retaining properties of this remarkable, natural shea triterpene complex..”

The Denmark study compared groups of healthy men, performing controlled exercise to produce muscle soreness. Pain and tenderness were carefully measured at regular intervals for two weeks following the exercise. The test subjects taking shea triterpenes experienced significantly less muscle tenderness and pain compared to the control group.

The mechanism of inflammation and pain reduction, as well as cartilage retention may be significant for arthritis sufferers, as well as for weekend athletes. “Inflammation is a complex sequence of events that is not fully understood,” Smith explains. “However, we do know that the cells excrete certain compounds that initiate joint specific inflammation. Interleuken-6, or IL-6, is one of them. The study suggests that shea triterpenes reduce the production of IL-6 at the cellular level. This finding is relevant to OA, because new research has shown that OA pain is caused by the same underlying inflammatory process.”

A 2007 study conducted by Dr. Philip A. Cheras, former Director of the Australian Centre for Complementary Medicine and Interim Executive Officer of the National Institute of Complementary Medicine, confirmed shea triterpenes’ anti-inflammatory properties in joint cartilage in people with osteoarthritis (OA). A number of other clinical trials are pending publication or completion, offering further validation of shea triterpenes’ efficacy for joint care and other inflammatory disorders.

Extracted from the shea “nut” – the pit of the fruit of a tree native to central Africa – shea oil has been used for centuries as both food and externally as a soothing emollient. “With each passing year, new evidence comes to light validating the effectiveness of shea’s traditional uses,” says Leonard P. Smith, Chief Education Officer of BSP Pharma. “The Denmark work confirms the shea triterpenes’ distinction as one of the most powerful inflammation fighters of any known botanical.”

BSP Pharma Inc. is a North American pharmaceutical, OTC and dietary supplement developer/marketer, focused on identifying and commercializing novel, natural substances with the following characteristics:

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  • Safe and approved by the FDA
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BSP is an acronym for ButyrSpermum Parkii, the latin name for shea butter, the source material for FlexNow® with 100% SheaFlex70™, the subject of over 30 clinical trials and studies.

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