Can Shea Nuts improve athletic performance?

Egg Harbor Twp, NJ – Joint relief breakthrough, FlexNow® a new approach for painful joints is the only all natural dietary supplement containing shea triterpenes. Shea triterpenes have been the subject of over 30 clinical trials and studies, including a recent double-blind randomized placebo controlled parallel group clinical study with the aim to evaluate the anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain relief) effects in humans. FlexNow manufacturer and distributor, BSP Pharma, excitedly announce the findings from this clinical study to suffering U.S. athletes.

The study demonstrates that the oral administration of highly concentrated shea triterpenes reduces joint pain and discomfort, as well as muscle tenderness and the related inflammatory process associated with post-exercise muscle soreness. This is relevant to arthritic pain as it is the same underlying inflammatory process in both cases. The abstract can be found at

Highly concentrated shea triterpenes, the sole ingredient in FlexNow, comes from the pit of the shea fruit found in West Africa and are distinctive in the botanical world for their ability to reduce joint specific inflammation and relieve joint pain. Unlike glucosamine, shea triterpenes target joint specific inflammation making it one of the most powerful inflammation fighters of any known botanical.

“For athletes who’ve been pounding the hardwood, asphalt, Astroturf and grasses for years, painful joints and joint specific inflammation can gradually or suddenly appear and become an overwhelming adversary,” says BSP’s Chief Education Officer Len Smith.“We know that poor joint health is triggered by circulatory blockage in the joint blood vessels which degrades nutrient flow into the joint cartilage,” says Smith. “Improvements in joint health are only possible when fats and nutrients can again freely flow through the blocked blood vessels, and this is helped considerably by reducing joint specific inflammation.”

“FlexNow has truly changed my life in a way I did not think possible. I am able to live my life like a normal person without the constant nuisance of arthritic pain in my knee. I have been recommending it to all my clients and they love it too!” reports C.J. Murphy, MFS, National Powerlifting Champion 2006, and co-owner of Total Performance Sports voted one of American’s 20 Best Gyms by Men’s Health Magazine, in 2005 and 2008.

FlexNow has many anecdotal validations from athletes such as world class cyclists, professional football players, weightlifters, and marathoners who have gotten their games back and are able to compete fully in their sport once again.

Additionally, FlexNow™ was one of only seven dietary supplements accepted by the FDA in 2004, meeting all the safety and toxicology requirements under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act. And it was the Best of Supplements winner in 2008 by Better Nutrition.

FlexNow is a produced by BSP Pharma Inc. Information about BSP Pharma and FlexNow may be found at

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