Joint Care Breakthrough: Shea nuts proven to retain cartilage, reduce bone decay, fight inflammation and alleviate pain

(Egg Harbor Twp., NJ)— BSP Pharma Inc., the maker and distributor of FlexNow™ Joint Formula, has announced the findings from the new joint health clinical study completed at the Australian Centre for Complementary Medicine Education and Research (ACCMER) in Brisbane, Australia led by Dr. Phillip Cheras PhD.

Results show that, for those with elevated cartilage deterioration in their joints, FlexNow Joint Formula provides an unprecedented 70% reduction in cartilage deterioration compared to placebo. (This is the first human clinical study in a natural product showing such a great reduction in a well recognised marker for cartilage deterioration) as well as significant reductions in joint inflammation and joint pain.

FlexNow is an all natural dietary supplement made with one ingredient, an extract from the shea nut which contains one of the most powerful inflammation fighters of any known plant. The ability of shea extract to reduce inflammation in the human body has only recently been discovered.

Dr. Cheras was asked to be the principal investigator due to his ground breaking research showing it is highly likely that most joint problems are a vascular condition. Prior to this study, research had indicated that FlexNow had a strong ability to address this cause, and not just the symptoms of joint health.

“FlexNow shows great promise and BSP’s approach to bringing this product to market is a model for responsible development for complementary medicine,” said Cheras.

The research was designed to bring together a large number of previous studies, to confirm the efficacy of shea extract in humans and to further demonstrate the safety of FlexNow. FlexNow is one of only 7 dietary supplements to be accepted by the FDA in 2004 as meeting all safety requirements, which was further shown during the clinical study when there was no difference in adverse effects between FlexNow and placebo.

The biggest clinical surprise was the unprecedented 70% reduction in the breakdown of cartilage compared to placebo. The other remarkable findings were the strong reductions in inflammatory markers including TNF-a, which is produced more in unhealthy joint cartilage than normal cartilage, and high sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP), which has been found to be higher in patients with unhealthy joints than controls, as well as a substantial decrease in bone destruction markers.

“This clinical confirmation that FlexNow is significantly reducing cartilage breakdown and inflammation, gives us insight into why so many FlexNow users are telling us of their joint relief for the first time,” said Richard D. Johnson, CEO and President, BSP Pharma Inc., which is allowing so many people with joint pain to once again lead an active life.

BSP Pharma Inc. is a North American pharmaceutical, OTC and dietary supplement developer/marketer, focused on identifying and commercializing novel, natural substances with the following characteristics:

  • Clinically proven to have substantial and meaningful clinical benefits
  • Safe and approved by the FDA
  • Derived from nature and naturally occurring materials

BSP is an acronym for ButyrSpermum Parkii, the latin name for shea butter, the source material for FlexNow® with 100% SheaFlex70™, the subject of over 30 clinical trials and studies.

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