Triterpenes: Nature’s Steroids.

Triterpenes are found in all living organisms: plants, animals, humans. Triterpenes are precursors to steroids – in order to produce steroids, the organism, whether plant or animal produces triterpenes. Naturally occurring precursors to steroids and naturally occurring steroids are the plant and animal worlds’ way of managing inflammation, safely and naturally.

Shea triterpenes are the naturally occurring triterpenes in the shea nut.

Alternatively, prescription steroids are the broadest spectrum of the pharmaceutical interventions for inflammation management – the most powerful, and potentially the most dangerous.

Prescription steroids:

  • interfere with the inflammatory cell’s ability to congregate and reduce capillary permeability — inflammatory cells cannot easily pass through vessel walls
  • interfere with cytokine communication
  • interfere with prostaglandin synthesis (part of the COX cascade)
  • prevent white blood cells from releasing superoxides.

Prescription steroids may have many adverse effects, including immune system suppression, bone destruction, psychosis, ulcers, hypertension, heart failure, thrombo-embolism, and death.

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