Why Glucosamine is not the answer for Athletes: Common cosmetic ingredient has 2X impact on joint health.

(Egg Harbor Twp., New Jersey) After years of popping in 3-pointers and slamming aces past your old buddy Bob, has a new opponent recently started showing up on the court? One that isn’t quite so easy to beat each weekend?

For athletes who’ve been pounding the hardwood, asphalt, and grass for years, joint pain and joint specific inflammation can gradually or suddenly appear and become an overwhelming adversary.

A breakdown of joint cartilage and joint specific inflammation, whether in the knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, hands, or feet is often mistakenly considered an inevitable consequence of the continued physical stresses athletes place on the their joints. Recent studies, however, show other factors at work which have as much or more impact on joint deterioration.

“We now know that poor joint health is triggered by circulatory blockage in the joint blood vessels which inhibits nutrient flow into the joint cartilage,” says Dr. Cheras, clinical professor of [INSERT}. Improvements in joint health are only possible when fats and nutrients can again freely flow through the blocked blood vessels, and that is only possible after joint specific inflammation is reduced.

Cheras says glucosamine and chondroitin are the two major nutritional supplements many athletes use to rebuild their joints. Unfortunately, these two compounds are effective only about 15 percent of the time. The reason: glucosamine and chondroitin do not affect joint collagen, the tissue that comprises 70% of joint cartilage, nor do they address joint specific inflammation.

“Because glucosamine and chondroitin only address 30% of joint cartilage, a naturally-occurring substance was searched for that would address the health of collagen, the tissue which comprise 70% of joint cartilage,” said Cheras.

“What the collagen-friendly substance researchers discovered was shea triterpenes, found in the pit of the African shea fruit, the source of shea butter, a common cosmetic ingredient”

Cheras says studies have found that shea triterpenes, (perhaps Nature’s strongest natural anti-inflammatory compound), help to reduce joint specific inflammation while improving circulation, and help prevent collagen breakdown within the joint cartilage.

The Four Key Joint Nutrients for Athletes

  1. Shea triterpenes: Shea triterpene supplements will promote healthy collagen, (which makes up 70% of joint cartilage), while reducing joint inflammation and pain.
  2. Glucosamine and chondroitin: Glucosamine and chondroitin will provide important building blocks for creating proteoglycans, a molecule that makes up 30% of joint cartilage.
  3. Vitamin D: Aids circulation and helps reduce pain, but most people do not get enough. Take at least 2000 IU daily.
  4. Fish oil: Contains many health benefits and is a natural anti-inflammatory.

Since 2008, BSP Pharma has been making highly concentrated shea triterpenes commercially available as a dietary supplement called FlexNow®. Athletes from all over the country have contacted the company with stories of how the addition of FlexNow to their nutritional regimen reduced or eliminated the pain that previously had them standing on the sidelines.

“World class cyclists, champion power lifters, marathon runners, and others have written to us to let us know their careers were effectively over before trying our supplement. Now they’re back in the thick of competition,” says Chief Education Officer, Len Smith. “We even have an NFL trainer telling us his star player wouldn’t be playing at all if it weren’t for the ability of shea triterpenes to control joint inflammation and reduce joint specific pain.”

BSP Pharma Inc. is a North American pharmaceutical, OTC and dietary supplement developer/marketer, focused on identifying and commercializing novel, natural substances with the following characteristics:

  • Clinically proven to have substantial and meaningful clinical benefits
  • Safe and approved by the FDA
  • Derived from nature and naturally occurring materials

BSP is an acronym for ButyrSpermum Parkii, the latin name for shea butter, the source material for FlexNow® with 100% SheaFlex70™, the subject of over 30 clinical trials and studies.

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